Decisions made in one's vigorous youth or middle age or knotty problems swept under the rug can return to haunt what should be a contented retirement. They're getting help from a surprising source: the boomers themselves. Why, then, do usability experts always insist that kde, for example, should trim down the amount it can be customized? All rights reserved. Newspaper, magazine and internet readership was up significantly. His playfully radical ideas and deliberately disjointed prose perfectly reflected the spirit of the times, when the air was filled with revolutionary rhetoric and pot smoke. An optimistic version would see markets automatically readjust to shortages, as higher prices make it more profitable once again to grow crops for people rather than cars. While walking around town the other day, in between meet ups with family and an old friend, i stumbled upon the international center of photography building on 6th avenue. Imgp0294, originally uploaded by jez.